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Recommended: The best hurling content from around the internet

Updated: Apr 11, 2021

Recommended highlights the best hurling content, including articles, podcasts, tweets, and the occasional dip into the archives.


A Hurler's Lifepodcast by Brian Carroll

Brian's insightful podcast offers a chance to get to know the player's better. The interviewing ranges from lighter questions, such as the best players encountered, to major successes and disappointments, and keen interests away from the game, thereby allowing us to get to know the players that bit better. As a former top-class player himself, Brian is well placed to know what questions to ask, and there's a respect and reciprocity between the host and the guest. Interesting interviews with ex-players from each of the four counties playing this weekend are online to enjoy: DJ Carey, Dan Shanahan, Mark Foley and Alan Kerins.

I didn't drink, didn't smoke: I wanted to have a career — DJ Carey

Follow on Twitter for the latest: @ahurlerslife.


Kilkenny hurling seems in limbo, caught between two shores article by PM O'Sullivan

In the first half, PM romantically writes of Richie Hogan's hands, and what they symbolize in the modern game. In the second half, a sympathetic and questioning look at where this current Kilkenny team stands in terms of reaching the "far shore" of winning their next All-Ireland title.

There is a coldness at the heart of genius - that “splinter of ice”, in Graham Greene’s phrase. Hogan’s black helmet silked into an executioner’s hood PM O'Sullivan

Check out the full article or follow PM on Twitter @pmosullivan67.


Where Waterford have improved this year video by Seán Flynn

In just 2 minutes and 20 seconds, Sean's video provides a succinct insight into an area where Waterford have improved this year. The underlying principle is likely applicable to all teams.

They are now running harder in possession, which is complimenting their off the ball movement and this is improving the team's use of the ball — Seán Flynn

Follow on Twitter for more of Seán's insights: @hurlingtalk1


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