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Recommended: The best hurling content from around the internet

Updated: Apr 11, 2021

Recommended highlights the best hurling content, including articles, podcasts, tweets, and material from years past.


Laochra Gael: Andrew O'Shaughnessy documentary, TG4

From the archives, TG4's recently-replayed Laochra Gael provided an intimate view into the life of the Limerick All-Star. As a teenager in St. Coleman's, O'Shaughnessy held a higher profile nationally than most senior inter-county players, and remains a veritable legend of the Harty Cup. At the time, he was a menacing corner-forward who required man-marking by your best defender, and he usually racked up absurd tallies regardless. The episode also explores Andrew's diagnosis with multiple sclerosis, and, overall, depicts a reflective, insightful and relatable guy – excellent viewing.

With responsibility comes the burden that you have to trust yourself, you're the main man because of your ability ... if you think "I'm great", that's when you're going to fall — Andrew O'Shaughnessy

Watch the episode here and follow Andrew on Twitter @andrewshaughs.


Civilised Combat with a Band of Brothers interview with Stephen Molumphy by The Player's Voice

A teammate of O'Shaughnessy's on the St. Coleman's Harty Cup team, Stephen captained Waterford's Munster-winning team of 2010. In this in-depth interview, Stephen lends an insight into his values, and how he thinks. The themes are universal, such as work, family, club, commitment, dedication, moving on when the time comes. Stephen also touches upon some of the specifics of this day-to-day life, including the life skills he has acquired in the Irish Army, the grinding drives around the country to attend training sessions, and Skyping family from Chad while deployed on peacekeeping missions.

It taught us all physical and moral courage, public speaking skills, time management and punctuality by being where you needed to be at exactly the time you needed to be there Stephen Molumphy on the Cadetship training

Read the article here and follow The Player's Voice here: @PlayersVoiceIre.


Ciarán Carey on mental health and emotional wellbeing video by The Limerick Leader

In this moving and insightful talk, Ciarán (now working as an Addiction Consellor) speaks candidly about mental health, emotional wellbeing, suicide, and related topics. On the issue of asking for help, Ciarán says: "Reaching out for help sounds so simple, but, when you're in the depths of depression, in a black hole, and you've the shovel in your hand and the hole is getting deeper, it's a very brave and courageous thing to do." It's refreshing and uncommon to hear a guy who one could characterise as a tough hurler speaking so openly on these topics. Ciarán recently lost his brother and my thoughts are with him.

The core values that I live and die by: unconditional love, empathy, congruence, non-judgement Ciarán Carey

Watch the video here.


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